About Life Balance Chiropractic

Life Balance Chiropractic has been a LANDMARK in the Lake Forest/Foothill Ranch community since 1997.

At Life Balance Chiropractic we are dedicated to increasing and sustaining your health, as well as the health of your loved ones. This optimal health is achieved through chiropractic, massage therapy, and clinical nutrition. We accept patients of all ages including infants and seniors. We use a variety of techniques accommodating to you and your body.

Our goal is to keep you doing the things in life you enjoy. Whether it’s gardening, bowling, golf or dancing, we will get you back to that activity and keep you in it as long as possible. Life is meant to be enjoyed and your body should not stop you from doing so.

One of our main focus points is patient education. By educating our patients they are more able to take care of their bodies themselves. Our patients maintain a higher level of health which helps fight off diseases and provides a quicker recovery time from injuries. Our patients experience higher levels of energy, better sleep and a more focused mind.

We look forward to welcoming you into our chiropractic family!!